Film and Television: Stock Footage


Archival Survival: The Fundamentals of Using Film Archives and Stock Footage Libraries
Written by Rick Prelinger.

Buyout Footage
Lists public domain and royalty free footage. – The Stock, Archival, and News Footage Network
Source for the best footage available including ad, film and tv. Search the footage trade's best, stock, archival and news footage databases all at once.

Free Stock Footage
Good resource for clips and royalty free footage.

Internet Archive
Collaborating with institutions including the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian, IA is working to preserve a multimedia ranging from the Prelinger Archives, dance materials, text.

Library of Congress Moving Image Research Center   
Includes information for the Copyright Office. The page provides a link to the National Archives and Records Administration collection of films created by the U.S. government. 

Stock Footage: Royalty-Free and Rights-Ready Footage
Historical stock footage and film clips including newsreels, Hollywood features, silent films, classic documentaries, TV programs and performances.

Thought Equity – Stock Footage
Fee based, some royalty free—Paramount Studios, Political Content and more.