Film and Television: Filmography


American Film Institute Catalog (AFI)
The AFI Catalog is a national filmography documenting the history of American cinema. The catalog holdings span the history of American cinema. Individual film records include cast and crew, plot summaries, and, unique to this resource, production notes culled from trade publications such as Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. 

The Bollywood Movie Database
Catalog of films from India.

Complete Index to World Film since 1895
Searchable database of more than 450,000 film titles. Search by title, year, origin, genre, or production company

Film Index International
The Film Index International, also known as the BFI Catalog, includes an international filmography indexing films from the silent era to the present day. Film records include cast and crew, brief plot summaries, awards and select list of references.

Greatest Films
Information on classic Hollywood and American films. Includes listing of films by decade; section on film genre; film quotations and more.

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National Film Preservation Board's Film Registry
Listing of films selected for NFPB registry.

Screen Studies Online
Includes Film Index International (British Film Institute) and the AFI Catalog (American Film Institute), covering all eras of filmmaking from the early silent film to recent box-office hits.