Film and Television: Biography


American National Biography
Biographies of notable men and women from all eras of American history including figures from the performing arts.

Biography Index
Provides citations for biographical articles, books, and other publications.

Biography Resource Center
Full-text biographies of persons living and deceased from all over the world.

Dictionary of Literary Biography
Biographical essays on authors from America, Britain, and selected other countries. Includes screenwriters and playwrights.

International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers
Comprehensive resource provides thorough coverage of films and filmmakers.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Biographies of peoples of the British Isles from the 4th century B.C. to the year 2002 including persons from the performing arts.

Who's Who of Victorian Cinema
Biographical guide to the earliest years of moving pictures, 1871-1901.



The HistoryMakers
Outstanding collection of video oral history interviews with African Americans, many from the entertainment industry.