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Magazine Collections

  • Ebony Magazine Archive
    Key Afro-American magazines covering 20th and 21st-Century current events, art, design, politics and culture, literature, advertising, and more. Contains indexing, abstracting and full text for the complete archive (including Covers and Advertisements) 1945 to 2014.
  • The Economist / The Economist Historical Archive
    International news, politics, business, finance, science and technology. Searchable full text from 1843 to present. 
  • The Financial Times
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  • Harper's Bazaar Archive
    American, British, and international fashion, as well as popular culture and society, from the mid-19th century forward. Coverage from 1867 to the present.
  • LGBT Magazine Archive
    Major periodicals devoted to LGBT+ interests, 1957 to the present
  • The Nation Digital Archive (1975 - present)
    Searchable full text archive of The Nation published from 1865 - present.
  • Opinion Archives
    Archives for journals of opinion, including The Nation, Commentary, The New Republic, Commonweal, Dissent, NACLA, American Spectator, National Review, Harper's, New York Review, and the New Yorker. 
  • ProQuest
    Access to Time‎, U.S. News & World Report‎, New York Times Book Review‎, Forbes‎, New Statesman‎, Us Weekly‎, New York Times Magazine‎, The New Yorker‎, The New Republic‎, New Statesman & Society‎, and more.
  • Time Magazine Archive
    Coverage: 1923-2000.
  • The Vogue Archive
    Every article, cover, photo shoot, illustration and advertisement has been digitized to the highest standard, with rich indexing. 1892 - present
  • Women's Magazine Archive
    Includes Better Homes and Gardens, Chatelaine, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents, Redbook.