Tibetan Sacred Space Research Guide: Related Videos

Documentaries on Tibetan Sacred Places

1. Sheng di Xizang [videorecording] = Holy place Tibet (2 DVDs)

Featuring various pilgrimage sites in Central Tibet, including the city of Lhasa, festivals, monasteries, Gnas-ri bla-mtsho (Namtso?), and Ngari, etc.  In Chinese and English.

2.  Bringing Tibet Home

Documentary on Tenzin Rigdrol's art installation which entailed his trucking multiple tons of earth from Tibet to Dharamsala.

3. Xizang si miao [videorecording] = Monasteries in Tibet

4. Kham Participatory Video Project 

5. Three great monasteries [videorecording] : Ganden, Drepung & Sera : South Asia, 1985 

6. 靑藏圣地之旅 = Qing Zang sheng di zhi lü (12 VCDs)  In Chinese.

The Starr Library also owns several DVDs that are visual homages, often accompanied by song, to a lama and retreat or pilgrimage site.  To browse the collection, please contact librarian: lh2112@columbia.edu​