Art History: Resources for Research: 7-Festschriften


These commemorative collections of essays in honor of senior scholars and are often the best or only place to find a complete bibliography of an art historian's writings. Many classic essays (e.g. Panofsky's "Imago Pietatis") first appeared in Festschriften, and many of these essays have never been reprinted. (In the pre-LC Fine Arts stacks (those cataloged prior to 2010), they are classed at N 5302...)

Lincoln, B.W. Festschriften in Art History, 1960-1975: Bibliography and Index. (1988)
Avery Reference N35 L63
Covers 1960-1975. {For later art history Festschriften see BHA  (1973-2007) and for newer entries see Icon International Bibliography of Art.}

Rave, P.O. Kunstgeschichte in Festschriften. (1962)
Avery Reference N35 R19
Coverage to 1960.

Rounds, D., ed. Articles on Antiquity in Festschriften. (1962)
Butler Reference R016.93 R76