Art History: Resources for Research: 13-Artists' Signatures

13-Artists' Signatures

Caplan, H. H. The Encyclopedia of Artists' Signatures, Symbols and Monograms. (1999)
Avery-Fine Arts N45 C173

Castagno, John. Abstract artists: signatures and monograms, an international directory. (2007)
Avery-Fine Arts N45 C269
(Note: Castagno publishes many other signature directories—some are listed below)

Castagno, John. African, Asian, and Middle Eastern artists: signatures and monograms from 1800: a directory. (2009)
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Castagno, John. American artists I-III: signatures and monograms [from 1800]. (1990-2009)
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Castagno, John. Artists monograms and indiscernible signatures I-III: an international directory, 1800-1991. (1991-2009) 
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Lugt, Fritz. Les marques de collections de dessins & d'estampes. (1921, 1926) (Online)
Avery-Fine Arts N8380 L96 and Suppl.

Castagno, John. European Artists Signatures and Monograms 1800-1900. (1990)
Avery-Fine Arts N45 C273

Castagno, John. Jewish artists: signatures and monograms: an international directory. (2010)
Avery-LC N45 .C384 2010

Castagno, John. Latin American artists’ signatures and monograms: colonial era to 1996. (1997)
Avery-Fine Arts N45 C2735

Castagno, John. Old masters: signatures and monograms I-II. (1996-2009)
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Jackson, Radway. The Visual index of artists’ signatures and monograms. (1991)
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Lampe, Louis.  Signatures et monogrammes des peintres de toutes les écoles et époques. (2 vol.)  (1999?)
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Self, James. Japanese Art Signatures: a Handbook and Practical Guide. (1987)
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Signatures & monogrammes d’artistes des XIXe et XXe siècles. (1999)
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