Japanese Studies Research Guide: Searching Table of Contents

Reference and research resources in Japanese

Getting Japanese Books

To obtain a copy of a book you have located in the catalogs/databases described in the column "Books," try the following steps:

  1. Go to CLIO (Columbia Library Information Online) to see if it is available in one of the Columbia libraries. 
  2. If a book is not at Columbia or the Columbia copy is checked out, try Borrow Direct
  3. If the Borrow Direct libraries do not have an available copy, try ILL to request a copy. 

Check "Search Tips" for useful techniques, for example, phrase, truncation, and NOT searches.

Examine how your search query and after-search limits appear on the result screen. "Is" can be changed to "Is not" to exclude certain materials. 

Updated: 12/6/2019

Free TOC Databases

The following free resources include TOC information with pagenation. None of them are comprehensive.


☆ 内容・目次 search targets タイトル, 内容紹介, 書誌・年譜・年表, 件名, 目次, and 内容一覧 fields.

☆ 内容一覧 section for 和図書 includes ヨミ reading and pagination information. 内容一覧 section for 新雑年鑑 (newspaper, magazine, and annuals) does not include ヨミ reading.

☆ ヨミ reading for 内容一致 section is word divided. Default を含む search will do partial match search. eg) イシン will retrieve メイシン, セイシン, マイシン, カイシン, etc.

☆ If you are are not sure about word division or wish to do exact match phrase search when doing ヨミ reading search, enter your phrase without spaces between words. eg) To search for 吾輩は猫である, enter it as ワガハイワネコデアル instead of ワガハイ ワ ネコ デ アル with word division spaces.

☆ と一致する can be used only with a single keyword or phrase search.

☆ Keyword highlight feature will be turned off for phrase search.

☆ Only AND search is available. Neither OR or NOT search works with 内容・目次 search.


☆ NDL Online includes content related information data such as 1) contents notes in bibliographic records, 2) TOC from  the NDL Digital Collection, and 3) 目次データベース TOC Database . You can use either Basic Search or タイトル title field on Advanced Search. 2) and 3) include pagination information. They can be searched independently as listed below.



☆ Default setting for NDL Digital Collection search screens only include インターネット公開/Available Online resources. Don't forget to Include 図書館送信資料/Available only at the NDL and partner libraries and  国立国会図書館内限定/Available only at the NDL resources for find more potentially useful resources for your research. 

☆ ヨミ reading search is not available for 目次 search here.

☆ Advanced search screen is available. Click on こちら link under キーワード検索 box. 

☆ Click on 追加条件を表示する link.

☆ Selecting 内容 box, you can do searches targeting only the table of contents information (chapter titles and authors).

☆ You can use OR and NOT operators. 

☆ No ヨミ reading search available.

☆ To view the TOC information, first click on [目次] 目次検索システム and then 目次をみる link on bibliographic record display screen.





  • Online Bookstores

Amazon.co.jp  なか見!検索 and 試し読みPDF often offers the TOC information

☆  honto.jp includes 収録作品一覧 with pagination information for certain anthologies, multi volume sets, academic titles. Use your browser's find function and look for 収録作品一覧. It usually locates below the mid section of the webpage.


  • Publisher websites such as 岩波書店 and 角川書店 started including 試し読み PDF. 

Updated: 9/30/2021

OPACs of Special Libraries

Includes the Table of Contents / 目次 information. No pagination information available.

Showa-kan Library Collection is on the life of Japanese during and after the World War II.  The Library website: https://www.showakan.go.jp/search/index.html

The Center's Collection includes documents on grassroot social movements by citizen's groups and individuals in Japan and overseas. Not all the collections have been processed yet. This site offers access to several TOC lists and digitized collections.

Updated: 2/12/2021