Japanese Studies Research Guide: Find Articles

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Getting Journal Articles

To obtain a copy of a journal article: If it is not available online, try the following step.

  1. Go to CLIO (Columbia Library Information Online) and search for the journal title.
  2. If the journal is found in our collection, check if the necessary issue is available as well as its location. When it is located offsite, you may request a copy of the article, by clicking the “offsite” button and filling in the "Electronic" form.
  3. If the journal is not held by Columbia, go to the  ILL (interlibrary loan) page. Select "Article" form to submit your request. In addition to required information, provide additional information such as volume number, ISSN, OCLC no., link to a NDL bibliographic record, etc. as much as possible.

Please note: Columbia does not participate in ILL for books with NDL. NDL only provides the Remote Photoduplication Service to Columbia users. Please read Information about Copyright page carefully to understand Japanese libraries' definition of "a part of a work" and limits on copying serial publications.

Updated: 10/12/2021

Contents list of monographic titles

Ronbunshū naiyō saimoku sōran (論文集内容細目総覧)
        1945-1992, 1993-1998, 1999-2003, 2004-2008

Updated: 12/5/2019

Indexes for Journal Articles

Institutional Repositories

Other Databases

Updated: 12/5/2019

Academic Society Directory

Gakkai meikan/学会名鑑 from Nihon Gakujutsu Kaigi/日本学術会議 (Science Council of Japan), Nihon Gakujutsu Kyoryoku Zaidan/日本学術協力財団 (Japan Science Support Foundation) and Kagaku Gijutsu Shinko Kiko/科学技術振興機構 (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

As of March 3, 2020, 2,051 academic societies are listed in the directory. Entries include information about society journals.

For more about this database, visit this site.  Starr Library also holds 2001-2003 and 2004-2006 editions of this directory.

Updated: 2/10/2021