Company Information Guide: Stock Prices

A subject guide for Columbia Community to look into company information.


Stock Price Resources

► Bloomberg [available in Watson library and Digital Social Science Center]

One of the world's leading financial databases, Bloomberg also includes a significant amount of information related to real estate. Access to Bloomberg is limited to a dedicated Bloomberg terminal. There are Bloomberg terminals in Watson Library and the Digital Social Science Center (DSSC). Bloomberg is a command driven system.

  • Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> HP <GO> for Historical Prices
  • Use Bloomberg Excel for current or historical stock prices

► Capital IQ [Watson Library/DSSC use only; Business School students can request accounts]
Extensive financial database covering publicly traded companies around the world. Also includes private equities.

CRSP via WRDS [Watson Library Use Only; PhD students can request a WRDS account]
Contains historical equity and index data.

Daily Stock Price Record
Serials S (Serials)
Shelved with Standard & Poor's. Alphabetical listing by company giving daily high, low, close and volume for each quarter along with dividend and stock split information.

Datastream (Watson Library Use Only; PhD students can request installation on their own PCs.)
Datastream contains time series data for equities, including stock prices.

National Stock Summary
Serials N (Serials)
Contains a summary of market quotations which have appeared in the National Daily Services or have been supplied by dealers or special lists.

Refinitiv workspace
Refinitiv workspace provides access to financial data, news and content coverage in a highly customized workflow experience on your preferred device, at home or in the office.