Company Information Guide: ESG Info

A subject guide for Columbia Community to look into company information.

ESG Information

► Bloomberg [Available in Business & Lehman Library ]

Bloomberg covers more than 11,000 companies with ESG data and more than 7,500 companies with executive compensation data in 65 countries. ESG data is fully integrated with all of Bloomberg’s data analysis, such as the Equity Screener (EQS), Portfolio Analytics (PORT), Relative Value (RV) and Excel-based analytical models, including ESG Scorecard and Carbon Risk Valuation Tool.

Datastream Available through WRDS 


Contains the corporate governance database, Sharkrepellent [PDF]: provides takeover defense and corporate governance data for thousands of US companies.

► MSCI -GMI Analyst (
Providing access to "ESG ratings, research and real-time updates on about 6,000 companies worldwide based on 150 carefully selected risk factors, AGR® ratings, research and real-time updates on about 18,000 companies worldwide based on more than 50 discrete risk factors, Environmental performance data from Trucost ..., including Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), water, waste, pollutants and natural resource dependency, unique data on litigation and financial-distress risk, daily and weekly updates, quarterly ratings reviews and event-driven analysis, search functionality, screening and analytical tools, including WatchLists, Portfolio Analysis, Alerts, Industry Browser, and peer-group analysis"--Publisher information.

► MSCI ESG KLD STATS (formerly KLD) via WRDS

Provides historical ratings data for over 3,000 public companies. KLD created the Domini 400 SocialSM Index (DS 400 Index), a socially screened, capitalization-weighted index of 400 common stocks. The DS 400 is recognized as the first social investment benchmark. As well, KLD provides social ratings for all companies in the DS400.

*The MSCI ESG KLD STATS DATA SET was created by KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. (KLD) in 1991.  MSCI acquired KLD in 2010.

► ISS (formerly RiskMetrics) via WRDS
ISS (formerly RiskMetrics) delivers to data for the new methodology to WRDS in four datasets identified as: Historical Governance, Historical Directors data, Voting Results data, and Shareholder Proposal data.