Company Information Guide: SEC Filings

A subject guide for Columbia Community to look into company information.

Corporations Filings with the SEC


There are numerous forms that companies must file with the SEC. A complete list of SEC filings is available at the Securities Exchange Commission website. Please also see the US Corporate Filings and Annual Reports: SEC Filings.

  • Bloomberg [available in Watson library and Digital Social Science Center]
    Bloomberg provides access to SEC filings such as 10Ks, 10Qs, Proxies.  Includes scanned annual reports
  • Capital IQ [Watson Library/DSSC use only; Business School students can request accounts]
    Extensive financial database covering publicly traded companies around the world. Also includes private equities.
  • Company Home Pages
    One of the best places to find a company's annual reports and filings is that company's home page. Most public companies have an "investor relations" page on their website that provides annual report(s) and/or SEC filings.
  • EDGAR [from]
    SEC filings from publicly registered companies. 
  • Thomson One [must use Internet Explorer browser]
    Thomson One contains real-time and historical SEC EDGAR filings, scanned images of company annual reports and foreign exchange filings.