Company Information Guide: Financial & Operating Info

A subject guide for Columbia Community to look into company information.


 Bloomberg [available in Watson library and DSSC]
Online database providing current and historical financial information, research and statistics on over 52,000 companies worldwide. Printing is available. Downloading is not available. For search help see our Bloomberg Help Guide.

► Capital IQ [Watson Library/DSSC use only; Business School students can request accounts]
Extensive financial database covering publicly traded companies around the world. Also includes private equities.

► Compact Disclosure
Business Electronic Resources [Watson Library use only]
CD-ROM database which contains extracts of the Securities and Exchange Commission filings from 12,000 public companies required to file with the SEC. Coverage: Current 18 months. Updates: Monthly. (Backfiles are available at the Reserves Desk in the Business Library.)

► Mergent Manuals
Check CLIO for call numbers
Depending on the company, information includes a brief corporate history, explanation of the business/products, list of subsidiaries, key management personnel, financial data, and description of outstanding securities (debt, capital stock). There are Mergent Manuals for Industrial, International, OTC Industrial, OTC Unlisted, Public Utilities, and Bank & Finance Companies.

► Standard & Poor's Net Advantage
Includes electronic versions of S&P publications providing company, industry and market specific information and data.  Includes the S&P Stock Reports.

► S&P's Stock Reports (aka tearsheets) [via S&P Net Advantage]
Print: Serials S
Contains 2 page summaries on 1800 NYSE companies, 800 ASE companies, 1500 OTC combines, and 1 page summaries for 600 OTC companies. Information included: summary of the business; per share data; income data; balance sheet data; finances; dividends; capitalization; address; telephone; key personnel; incorporation date; employees; selected betas; S&P ranking; and S&P analyst.

Refinitiv workspace
Refinitiv workspace provides access to financial data, news and content coverage in a highly customized workflow experience on your preferred device, at home or in the office.

► Value Line Investment Surveys
Current reports in reference stacks [HG4501 .V262]
Contains 1 page summaries on approximately 1750 publicly traded companies. Information included: financial data; ratios; forecasts on financials & ratios; line of business; analyst information; quarterly sales, EPS, and dividends; capital structure; rankings for timeliness, safety, beta, price projections, insider & institutional decisions; and a long term price chart.  For more information on Value Line see our short tutorial.