Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry Digital Archive User Guide: List of interviewers

This is a guide to using the Digital Archive to the Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry (

LCAAJ Interviewers

Researchers may want to see what influence, if any individual interviewers had on the analysis of answers recorded from the different interviews.  The LCAAJ printed atlas apparatus identifies the interviewers associated with individual informants, and using their initials, it is possible to search for the interviews conducted by each member of the team.  The symbols and names are listed below:

AH             Alan Huffman

AI              Abraham Igelfeld

DG             David Gold

EG             Eugene Green

GT             Gabriel Trunk

JB              Jacob Bimbaum

JM             James Matisoff

JW             Joseph Waxman

MA            Moshe Altbauer

MH            Marvin Herzog

ML            Marvin Lowenstein

MS             Mordkhe Schaechter

MW           Meyer Wolf

RS             Rosaline Schwartz

RZ             Richard Zuckerman

SL              Steven Lowenstein

UW            Uriel Weinreich

VB             Vera Baviskar