Discovering Chinese Materials: Journals

How to search and discover Chinese materials?

Periodicals and Magazines

Current and Print

Information about periodical holdings, including current issues, is available in CLIO. Current issues of periodicals are housed in the Chinese periodical area in the second alcove on the north side of the main Reading Room. Bound volumes of past issues are shelved together with the rest of the collection in the library stacks, or more likely in off-site for most journals. Due to space limitations, only the periodical titles of most recent time are kept in the library in Kent Hall. Older volumes of most journals are housed off-site. You may request off-site journals to be delivered to the library. Check CLIO and the record shows the information of locations.

Journal Article Databases

Many periodicals are now available online in full text through Columbia's subscription to journal article databases. These databases include, but not limited to, the following:

You may find journal articles through these and many other databases, or use print journals in the library holding, normally via requesting from offsite. However, we suggest that, unless you have a special research need for print copies, you please use databases including the full texts or full images of the journals instead of requesting the print journals or the scanned copies of journal articles to be delivered from off-site when databases contain them.

Discovery Guide

For more information about electronic journals, please see the Chinese E-Resources Journals listing journal article databases. Besides, there is a step-by-step guide "How to Discover Full-text Journal Articles Online?"

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