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A step by step guide to find full-text Chinese and English journal articles


The collections of Chinese journals in both print and digital are very rich. Not long ago, the number of Chinese serial holdings was estimated to account for two-third of the the C.V. Starr East Asian Library's serial collections. The East Asian Library's serial holdings accounted for two-third of the total of the university libraries' serial titles.

Information about periodical holdings can be searched in CLIO and WorldCat like other types of materials. Current journals are housed in the Chinese periodical area in the second alcove on the north side of the main Reading Room. Bound volumes of past issues for most journals are normally stored in off-site. You may request off-site journals to be delivered in print, or in digital format if the needed journal articles are known and the request for scanned articles is submitted.

Besides the regular print and digital format, Chinese journals and magazines, especially the old, rare and special ones, may be reprinted into book volumes, which can also be searched out in the library catalogs .

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