Discovering Chinese Materials: New Acquisitions & Order Recommendation

How to search and discover Chinese materials?

New Books & Order Recommendation

New Acquisitions

New Chinese-language materials, including books, journals and other types of materials processed and cataloged into CLIO, can be found at New Arrivals. Clicking on the Search button will show the new acquisitions of recent six months by default, then the list of Chinese materials can be found out by clicking on the targeted publication country/region or publication language on the left side.

New arrivals can be seen by adjusting format, publication date and arrival time. New materials may also be searched out in Advanced Search.

Purchase Recommendation

Faculty and students are welcome to recommend titles of any useful materials for purchase. You may submit an online recommendation form, or contact the Chinese Studies Librarian directly by e-mail listing the basic bibliographic information of a title or a collection.

Recommendation of gift books and special collections of scholarly value, but not duplicating the library holdings, is welcome too. Please contact the Chinese Studies Librarian directly by e-mail.

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