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This Research Guide is designed to assist seminarians and students of religion, biblical studies, interreligious engagement, social ethics, worship, the arts, and counseling to find resources in the libraries. Students, faculty, and staff at Union Theological Seminary, Columbia, and affiliates with a UNI and Password can access materials referenced in this Guide. Read Columbia's full access guidelines.

To get started...

New students and users must go to Manage My UNI and do two things, before using library resources:

  1. Activate My UNI (to set up your UNI in the Libraries)
  2. Set UNI Mail Forwarding (to direct library mail to or personal inbox)

Free Account

Stay connected with the news! After "Activate My UNI" and "Set Mail Forwarding" (see under "To get started..." above), students, faculty and staff at Union Theological Seminary can set up a free account using the steps outlined in this guide. Use as the email address to sign up.

Online Resources During COVID-19

Library Status Updates highlights currently available services and resources  

COVID-19 Resource Guide for the Columbia Community features health resources, news, and university alerts

Where to go...

The Burke Library has resources for biblical studies, theology, and the history of Christianity (including the extensive Missionary Research Library). View, download, and print the "Burke Library Info" sheet below for an overview of available services:


Recommend a Title for Purchase

Recommend a Title for Purchase using this form or contact Jeffrey Wayno, Collection Services Librarian for the Burke Library at