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The brand-new series of library instruction modules, "From Books to Bytes: Navigating the Research Ecosystem," is a set of online resources that define the research cycle, provide students with practical strategies, and guide students through the vast resources available to them at Columbia. The primary audience for this series is Columbia-affiliated students. The series is made up of six modules that consist of an informational video and several handouts that contain strategies, exercises, and worksheets, all designed with pedagogy and accessibility in mind.


"What is CLIO?"

Created by IMATS @ Barnard College (2016)


"Getting Your Bearings at the Burke Library" Workshop

Use the Getting Your Bearings Info Sheet below during the video, so you can try the practice exercises:


"Research Skills Workshop" and Activities

Use the "Handout and Activity" document and accompanying readings, below, during the interactive Research Skills Workshop video:


This interactive workshop models a research process from start to finish, including hands-on activities. (Edited and abridged from a recorded live in-person workshop held at Union Theological Seminary in November of 2019 with C. Bratnober, Public Services Librarian at the Burke Library).

  • Scholarship as a conversation among researchers
  • Different types of information sources
  • Using CLIO to find books and more
  • Getting background information using reference materials
  • Tracking a scholarly conversation and finding journal articles
  • Identifying primary sources and archival collections
  • Citing and managing your sources



"Zotero Workshop" and Activities:

Use the document below to view instructions and links related to the activities shown in the Zotero Workshop video


"Atla Religion Database Workshop" and Handout

Use the "Atla Handout" document below to follow along with the Atla Religion Database Workshop video:



This workshop video shows how to use various functions of the Atla Religion Database with ATLASerials Plus, as accessible to current students, faculty, staff, and alums of Union Theological Seminary and Columbia. (Edited and abridged from a recorded remote workshop held in March of 2021 with C. Bratnober, Public Services Librarian at the Burke Library). Includes the following topics:

  • How to find the Atla Religion Database
  • Getting help from library staff via "Ask A Librarian"
  • Using the Search tool and filtering by Date, Format, Language, Subject, etc.
  • AND/OR/NOT and their strategic uses in search strings
  • Tips on using the asterisk* and quotation marks in searches
  • Finding and subscribing to journals with the Publications tool
  • Using the Scriptures tool to find materials about Biblical passages
  • Accessing full-text materials via Atla and Interlibrary Loan
  • Using the "CLIO Articles" tool to access specific known articles


Academic Commons

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Wikipedia Workshop: Women in Religion

Inspired by the "1000 Women in Religion" project which coordinates editing of Wikipedia biographies about women, trans, and gender-nonconforming people in theology, religion, and faith, this workshop guides new and intermediate users through the basics of Wikipedia. First some background on Wikipedia's policies and instructions. Then users go step-by-step through creating an account, making basic edits in a "Sandbox" page, and making real edits adding citations to existing biographies. The workshop highlights the work of Monique Moultrie, Hidden Histories: Faith and Black Lesbian Leadership.


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