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This guide provides valuable information to support students and faculty members at Columbia University as well as scholars conducting research on topics related to Korea.


Welcome to the Library Research Guide on Korean Studies.

 용비어천가 (龍飛御天歌)

About the Korean Collection

The Korean collection, established in 1931, has grown to over 190,000, including books, serials, multimedia materials, and electronic resources. Notably, we house Korean rare books and special collections like the Yi Song-ui Collection, Sin Sosol, and the Conant Collection. The collection primarily focus on the humanities, social sciences and arts with significant resources in history, philosophy, religion, arts, classics, and literature. Additionally, as a member of the Korean Collection Consortium of North America (KCCNA), the collection has expanded to cover subjects such as Seoul, popular culture, fine and performing arts, education, psychology and Korean history between 1864 and 1945.

To learn more about the overall collection policy, please refer to the Korean collection development policy.

The Collection primarily supports the teaching and research need of the faculty, staff and students engaged in Korean Studies programs at Columbia University and can be accessed via the online catalog CLIO. Additionally, the resources are available to researchers both nationally and internationally through Borrow Direct, and Interlibrary Loan services


This guide is a valuable resource for Columbia University students, faculty, and researchers focused on Korea-related topics. It offers a wide range of resources in different formats, including print, electronic, and audio-visual materials. Moreover, it directs you to both Columbia University libraries’ resources and freely accessible external ones. The guide is conveniently organized into seven tabs, each providing access to specific resource types at the top of this window.

If you have questions, feedback, or would like to schedule a library instruction, a library tour, or research consultation, please contact the Korean Studies librarian at hs2148@columbia.edu or 212-854-1507.

We also welcome suggestions for additional resources to enhance our collection. Your input is valuable to us.

Korean Studies Librarian

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