Korean Studies Research Guide Original: Find Books

This guide consists of information to assist students and faculty members in Korean Studies courses and scholars who research Korea related topics.


The entire collection of Korean books received by Columbia University Libraries are searchable through CLIO. CLIO which stands for Columbia Libraries Information Online is the online catalog and doing a Quicksearch across all of CLIO will search catalog, articles+, academic commons, libraries website and GeoData. When searching via CLIO, both Korean and romanization using McCune-Reischauer romanization can be used, although Korean character search will not yield the best search results.

If the book is not located in CLIO, please try to search through Borrow Direct which provides quick delivery (3-5 business days). If Borrow Direct does not have the book, please search through one of the following catalogs such as FirstSearch and request it via Interlibrary Loan (ILL) (2-3 week business days)

Books in the Korean Collection are either located on the 250 through 100 levels of the stacks in the library and are offsite in NJ, where they are shelved along with Chinese, Japanese, and Western-language materials by subject using the Library of Congress Classification number. The library provides access to e-books listed below and some of the e-book packages are only accessible to CU affiliates.


Korean Studies Librarian

C.V. Starr East Asian Library