Data & Statistics for Journalists: Property / Housing


Looking for the value of a specific property, want to check if a building owner has paid their taxes, or view sales data for a neighborhood? Check the links below for ways to pull up property data for New York City. 

NYC Housing & Vacancy Survey

Survey of NYC housing, both rental and owned, gathered by the US Census Bureau. HPD has a report on some past data.

NYC Dept. of Buildings

Use the DOB's Buildings Information System to find actions (including new building permits), complaints, violations, alterations, CoOs, # buildings on lot, tax block/lot, landmark status, zoning documents, etc. Can also look up a block (or community district) for new buildings or alterations.

NYC Finance: Property Records

Looking for data on a specific property?

Looking for data for a neighborhood or borough? 

  • Rolling 12-month period sales​
  • Annualized sales data (by year)

Federal Government Data on Housing

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)