Data & Statistics for Journalists: Justice

Legal Information

Intro to NY Courts
Great introduction to New York State and City courts, including their jurisdictions, claim amounts handled, etc. To find out where court decisions are published for each court, see the NYU Law Library Guide to NY Court System.

Court Decisions
Some decisions (completed cases) can be found in LexisNexis Academic, others in the online NY Court Reporters. If the case isn't covered in either, you may need to go to the Law Library and use either the print Reporters, LexisNexis Pro, or a similar resource.

Pending Cases
The "BLAW" section of the Bloomberg terminal includes pending cases. For help, see the Bloomberg Help Guide or contact the Business Library.

Getting Help...
Need more help finding legal information?
Contact Columbia's Law Library!

Justice & Public Safety: Data & Resources

Want a quick way to explore NYC crime stats by geographic area?

Try NYPD's Crime Map.

FBI Crime Statistics (by county/borough)
These are compiled from NYPD weekly reports. The NYPD do not archive their data online, although weekly stats (by precinct or borough) are available at: NYPD CompStats (Weekly Crime Reports). For Port Authority crime data (Port Authority has its own police force), see theNew Jersey Crime Reports.

Fire & EMS Statistics (by borough)

FDNY Vital Statistics

NY OpenData: Index Crimes by County & Agency (1990-2011) 

Reports total number per type of crime, per year, per county (borough-level info).

Relevant NYC Crime Reports:

NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services

NY Crime Statistics by County

  • Report on alternatives to incarceration

NYC: Criminal Justice Coordinator

NYC: Dept. of Correction Statistics

NYC: Dept. of Probation

Community Service Society of New York

  • Report on reentry of the incarcerated

Corrections: Data & Resources

Bureau of Justice Statistics (federal level)
Provides statistics and surveys of inmate populations, prison facilities, expenditures, deaths in custody, victims of crimes, and more.

NYS Dept. of Corrections & Community Supervision (state level)

NYC Dept. of Correction Statistics 

NYC Dept. of Probation

Community Service Society of New York

  • Reporton reentry of the incarcerated