Data & Statistics for Journalists: Maps & Geospatial Data

City Planning & Community Districts

NYC Dept. of City Planning (DCP)
Includes community district profiles & needs (with census tract maps), population reports, & more.

New York City Data

Gathers data from various city agencies. It’s a great place to start, but not every agency posts all their data here.

USA Data

A compilation of data & reports from federal (national) government agencies, covering many topics. Browse the dataset catalog.

What is Spatial Data?

Spatial (or geospatial) data is suitable for use in GIS mapping software (like ArcGIS or Google Earth) and can come in a variety of formats: vector, raster, or data tables. For more, see the earlier tab on using spatial data in this guide.

New York City Data Maps

New York City Map

NY City Map (from DoITT): Map a neighborhood or intersection, then find nearby subway stops, schools, hospitals, police precincts, and more (user guide here). Also shows municipal boundaries like community districts & census tracts. Other city data maps include:

Where to Find Spatial Data

GeoData: Find Spatial Data at Columbia

Find spatial data using Columbia University Libraries' GeoData Portal (beta)!