Fula Language and Culture Acquisitions at Columbia: Music & Video

Music & Video

  • African flutes. Recorded in the Gambia by Samuel Charters. Online recording. New York : Folkways Records, 1978.
    ["Flute music of the Fula & the Serrehule, recorded in the villages of the upper Gambia basin in November, 1976" ; Columbia only!]
  • The Al-Hadji and his wives. Videorecording. A film by Jie Li. Watertown, Mass. : Documentary Educational Resources, c2009. (50 min.)
    [Portrait of a Cameroonian, Mbororo Fulani patriarch, Al-Haji Isa, his savvy wives, & their rebel daughters.]
  • La chasse au lion l'arc. Videorecording. Pierre Braunberger présente ; un film de Jean Rouch ; avec la collaboration de Damouré Zika, Ibrahima Dia, Tallou Mouzourane ; une réalisation des Films de la Pléiade. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Icarus Films, 1965, [201-] (77 min.)
    [Filmed 1958-1965, on lion hunting among Fula & Songhay in rural Niger.]
  • Diago, Alassane. (dir.) Les larmes de l'émigration. Videorecording. Corto Pacific, Les Films de l'Atelier présentent ; en coproduction avec TV Rennes 35/Rennes Cité Média. [Lussas, France] : Doc Net Films, 2013. (DVD; 80 min.)
    [In Pular, with French subtitles; a film about the impact of immigration on a family in northwest Senegal; Columbia only!]
  • Kalin, Andrea. (dir. & prod.) Prince among slaves. Written by Andrea Kalin ; reenactments directed by Bill Duke ; a presentation of the National Black Programming Consortium ; Spark Media ; Duke Media ; UPF. [Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Home Video, 2007, 2008. (58 min. ; based on the 1977 book: Prince among slaves by Terry Alford.)
    [In English; a documentary on Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima Ibn Sori, prince of Timbo, a Fulbe kingdom in the Futa Jallon, sold into slavery in 1788, and ending up in Natchez, Mississippi.]
  • Etran Finatawa. Desert crossroads. Online recording. London : Riverboat, p2008.
    [Songs performed in Tamashek & Fulfulde from Niger; Columbia only!].
  • Herzog, Werner. (dir.) Herdsmen of the sun. Videorecording. Producer, Patrick Sandrin ; photographer, Thomas Weber. New York : Kino International, 1988, c2000. (VHS; 52 min.)
    [Filming the Woodabe in the drought stricken Sahara.]
  • Loncke, Sandrine. La danse des Wodaabe. Videorecording. [S.l.: s.n., 2006.] (DVD; 90 minutes)
    Accompanies book: Geerewol : musique, danse et lien social chez les Peuls nomades wodaabe du Niger. Nanterre : Société d'ethnologie, [2015] (415 p.)
    --See also: 2010 copy of DVD
  • Musique traditionnelles. Series: Sierra Leone (Radio-France)  France : Ocora : distribution Harmonia Mundi, p1992. (50 min.)
    [Field recordings by Jean L. Jenkins, 1976- 1977; sung in Mandingo, Mende, Fulah, & other languages.]
  • N'Diaye, Birame. Senegal : nalanke Pular = Le griot peul = A Fulbe griot. Archives internationales de musique populaire (Series) ; no. 75. Lausanne: VDE-Gallo, 2003. (CD ; recorded by Omar Mada in Dakar in August 2003.)
  • Niger/Northern Benin : music of the Fulani = musique des peuls. Online recording. Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways Recordings/Audivis-UNESCO, 1988. (42 min.) [Columbia only!]
  • Niger Peuls Wodaabe Chants du Worso = Niger Woodabe Fulani Worso songs. Online recording. Paris : INEDIT, p1998, p2004. (Recorded by Pierre Bois in France in 1997.)
    [Performed by singer-dancers from Nigeria; Columbia only!]
  • Woodhead, Leslie. (dir. & prod.) Wodaabe. Online videorecording. Disappearing world. London : Royal Anthropological Institute, 1988, [2014]. (54 min.)
    [In Fulfulde & English; Columbia only!]