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This bibliography on the Fula language and cultures --to be frequently updated-- encompasses published works in and about Pular, Peul, Fula, Fulani, and Fulfulde in the countries of Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and The Sudan. The list represents highlights from the last fifty years of library acquisitions at Columbia University. Related titles in Arabic, English, French, and German listed here consist of literary works in translation, literary criticism, biographies, or studies in Fula culture, history, and language.

The home page lists dictionaries, glossaries, grammars, phrasebooks, beginner readers, textbooks, Internet resources, and related library research tools.

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Reference -- Dictionaries & Glossaries

Grammars, Phrasebooks, Beginner Readers, & Textbooks

  • Abubakaar, Paamanta Demmba. Beldi Maasina. Bamako, Mali : Togouna Edition, 2005. (157 p.) [Folktales & poetry in Maasina Fulfulde.]
  • Ba, Oumar. Le Foûta Tôro au carrefour des cultures : [les Peuls de la Mauritanie et du Sénégal]. Paris : L'Harmattan, [1977] (426 p.) [Compendium on Fula or Haal Pulaaren culture, history & sociology, with analysis in French, plus, notes on the Peul alphabet, glossary on time concepts in Pular & glossaries on foreign terms in Pular.]
  • Beïdi, Boubacar Hama. Taariki Fulb̳e Dallol / Buubakar Hamma Beed̳i = Histoire des Peuls du Dallol. Niamey, Niger : Edition Albasa, c2003. (213 p.) [Fulfulde & French; "Dallol" is in Dosso region, about 100 km SE of Niamey, Niger.]
  • Coulibaly, Samba. Yamal Fatimata Boobo Lobbo : les fiançailles de Fatimata Boobo Lobbo. E-book. Série pulaar; no. 4. Dakar, Senegal : Société international de linguistique (S.I.L.) ; African Language Materials Archive, 1989, 2001.
    (7 p.) [As told in Pulaar by Samba Coulibaly, a traditional Peul story about Daftondiral, or the competition, in order to marry a beautiful girl named Fatimata Boobo Lobbo.]
  • Deftere heblo kismal golle rewle jowtiide e faggudu. E-book. Dakar, Senegal: Centre africain de l'entrepreneuriat féminin (C.A.E.F.); African Language Materials Archive, 1998, 2001. (125 p.) [A 17-page excerpt from the original book in Pular, a 'women's sourcebook on economy'.]
  • Diallo, Amadou Oury. Epopée du Foûta-Djalon : la chute du Gâbou: version peule de Farba Ibrâhîma Ndiâla. Paris : Harmattan : Organisation internationale de la francophonie ; [Dakar] : Institut fondamental d'Afrique noire, c2009. (259 p.) [Pular & French]
  • [Diallo] Jallo, Yéro Dooro. Dewle Fulbe. Natal naro yeeso ngal ko Sidy Lamine Dramé wadi dum. E-book. Dakar, Senegal: Associates in Research and Education for Development (ARED); African Language Materials Archive, c2000, 2001. (67 p.) [In Pular, the author describes in detail all aspects of traditional marriage among the Fulbe.]
  • Guélâdio Ham Bodêdio : héros de la poulâgou à travers deux récits épiques peuls. [Ed. & trad. par] Aminata Wane. Dakar : L'Harmattan Sénégal, [2016]
    (255 p.) [Massina Fulfulde & French; with critical analysis in French.]
  • Lam, Aboubacry Moussa. Sawru ganndal : yoo tuubaako artir jabbere mum. Dakar, Sénégal : Editions Papyrus Afrique, c2005. (204 p.) [[In Pular, essays on connections or parallels between Fula- or Pular-speaking populations of western Africa & the historic cultures of Ancient Egypt & the Near East.]]
  • Mukoshy, Ibrahim A. A Fulfulde-English dictionary. Ibadan, Nigeria : Hebn, 2014.
    (619 p.)
  • Sammba Gelaajo Jeegi. E daarol Sule Njimmbat Bah, to Carn̳e ; rob̳indo e waanjijto, Fari Siilat Kah. Ndakaaru : Associates in Research and Education for Development, 2000. (111 p.) [In Pular, as told by griot Sule Njimmbat Bah, the heroic Peul epic from the Futo Toro about Samba, 17th century Déniyankobé prince.]
  • Tourneux, Henry and Yaya Daïrou. Dictionnaire peul de l'agriculture et de la nature (Diamaré, Cameroun) : suivi d'un index français-fulfulde. Paris : Editions Karthala ; Wageningen : CTA ; Montpellier : Editions du CIRAD, c1998. (547 p.)
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  • [Diallo] Jallo, Yéro Dooro. Ndikkiri joom moolo. Ndakaaru [Dakar] : Associates in Research and Education for Development, 2004. (246 p.) [Originally published in 1981, the first full-length novel in Pular is a parody on the traditional Peul epic about a guitarist in the Futa Toro.]
  • [Seck] Sek, Mammadu Abdul. Payka : kab̳b̳ol Gadanol, Pulareeje e konngud̳i dab̳b̳i. [Edited by] Feenwni ko Ceerno Aliw Mohammadu. [Sénégal] : Timtimol/KJPF, 2009.
    (251 p.) [Proverbs in Pular.]
  • Tinguidji. Silâmaka & Poullôri : récit épique peul. Raconté par Tinguidji ; édité par Christiane Seydou. [Paris] : A. Colin, [c1972] (277 p., plus 3 phonodiscs--45 rpm.)