New York City Government Information: Additional Resources

Additional Resources

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) provides value-added and effective shared services to support the operations of New York City government. Its commitment to equity, effectiveness, and sustainability guides its work with City agencies on: Recruiting, hiring, and training employees; Providing facilities management for 55 public buildings; Acquiring, selling, and leasing City property; Purchasing more than $1 billion in supplies and equipment each year; and Implementing conservation and safety programs throughout the City's facilities and vehicle fleet.

New York City Periodicals

  • City Journal. Quarterly.
    New York, NY : Manhattan Institute, 1992-
  • City Limits
    New York, N.Y. : Association of Neighborhood Housing Developers, 1976-2009.
    Call Number: AA7545 C51
    It "shows you what is working in our communities: where the real successes are taking place, who is behind them, why they're working and what we can learn from them. And we expose the bureaucratic garbage, sloppy supervision and pure corruption that's failing our neighborhoods." Continued by the Community Service Society of New York as City Limits, 2010-present
  • The City Record
    Call Number: Microfilm FN 1871
    The web version contains only the Procurement Notices appearing in the printed version of The City Record -- Solicitations and Awards.
  • The City Review
    A 'zine devoted to Manhattan affairs and the arts with a strong emphasis on architecture, planning, real estate, museums, books and consumer technology.
  • Gotham Gazette
    Published each weekday by the Citizens Union foundation, it contains contributions from writers at 18 different organizations in the city.
  • Governing: the Magazine of States and Localities. Monthly.
    Washington, DC : Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1987-
    Call Number: JK 2403 .G68
  • Inner City Press
    Inner City Press / Community on the Move (ICP) is a non-profit community, consumers, and civil rights organization headquartered in the South Bronx of New York City, engaged in advocacy, reporting and organizing in the fields of community reinvestment, fair access to credit, insurance and telecommunications, environmental justice, and government and corporate accountability.
  • New York Magazine
    New York, New York Magazine Co., 1968-
    Call Number: F 128.1 .N4
    Columns and feature articles often concern NYC affairs.
  • Searchlight on the City Council. (Now defunct)
    New York, N.Y. : Citizens Union Foundation, 1994-2001.
    Call Number: F 128.55 .S4
    It contains brief articles about current issues in city government.

Public Interest & Research Groups

  • Association for Neighborhood Housing and Development
    ANHD is a 501(c)(3) membership organization founded in 1974, comprised of 94 nonprofit neighborhood housing groups serving low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. Over the past decade alone, ANHD’s training, policy research, advocacy, strategic communications, and leadership development for 94 grassroots groups and residents has resulted in leveraging over $1.3 billion for affordable housing, rescuing over 30,000 apartments and 160 buildings for low-income residents, and creating break through policies for community development.
  • The Center for an Urban Future
    The Center for an Urban Future is a public policy organization dedicated to improving the overall health of New York City and serving its long-term interests by targeting problems facing low-income and working-class neighborhoods in all five boroughs. A new kind of think tank, and the sister organization of City Limits magazine, the Center brings a unique, community-oriented perspective to the public policy arena.
  • Center for Urban Research, City College of New York
    The Center for Urban Research organizes research on the critical issues that face New York and other large cities in the U.S. and abroad, collaborates with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other partners, and holds forums for the media, foundations, community organizations and others about urban research at the Graduate School and City University of New York.
  • Central Park Conservancy
  • Citizens Budget Commission
    • Five-Year Pocket Summary: New York City and New York State Finances
      The Citizens Budget Commission, founded in 1932, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic organization devoted to influencing constructive change in the finances and services of New York City and New York State government. The CBC site provides analyses of NYC budgets, as well as other information.
  • Citizens' Committee for Children of New York
  • Citizens Union of the City of New York
    Citizens Union was founded in 1897 to seek "honest and efficient" city government and to fight to public corruption that had so long been prevalent. Today, Citizens Union works with continued energy and vitality through a program of: lobbying for CU's reform agenda; evaluation of candidates and issues; forums and seminars; legal action; and research on public policy.
  • Community Service Society of New York
    "A private, nonprofit social service organization dedicated to fostering a better life for poor residents of the country's gateway city...focusing its efforts on income maintenance, health care, affordable housing and education."
  • Design Trust for Public Space
    The Design Trust for Public Space is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public space in New York City. It does research, design, and planning projects, from parks, plazas and streets to city buildings, transportation systems and entire neighborhoods.
  • The Fiscal Policy Institute
    The Fiscal Policy Institute aims to increase public and governmental understanding of issues related to the fairness of New York's tax system and the stability and adequacy of state and local public services.
  • Fund for the City of New York
    The Fund is an independent private operating foundation and public charity. Its mandate is to respond to the opportunities and problems of New York City; to improve the performance of the city's government and the quality of life of its citizens. To achieve these ends, the Fund introduces new programs, technology, and methods to government agencies and nonprofit organizations, and helps to implement them.
  • Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy
    The Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at NYU is a joint research center in the New York University School of Law and The Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service. The Center's mission: To conduct objective academic and empirical research on the legal and public policy issues involving real estate, housing and urban affairs; provide a forum for discussion and interchange among leading practitioners, policy makers, scholars, faculty and students about real estate and urban policy; To promote innovative teaching techniques and learning experiences in real estate and urban-related topics.
  • The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
  • The Institute's goal is to develop and encourage public policies at all levels of government which will allow individuals the greatest scope for achieving their potential, both as participants in a productive economy and as members of a functioning society. Its working units are the Center for Educational Innovation, the Center for Civic Innovation, and the Judicial Studies Program. It publishes City Journal, as well as other publications.
  • Municipal Art Society of New York
    The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) is a private, non-profit membership organization that aggressively champions excellence in urban design and planning and the preservation of the best of New York's past. The Society believes that the physical city - its light, air, land and open spaces - and its sensible development are critical to New York's continued economic health and social well-being.
  • New York Academy of Sciences
    In service to science, the Academy initiates and facilitates communication among scientists, physicians, policy makers, government officers, educators, and journalists from around the world through its interdisciplinary scientific and section meetings and diverse publications. In service to society, Academy Programs draw upon the foremost experts and the most current information about advances in science and technology to inform analysis and discussion of public policy issues, to promote pre-college education, and to foster the human rights of scientists.
  • New York City Employment & Training Coalition
    The New York City Employment and Training Coalition (NYCETC) is an association of workforce development practitioners--community based organizations, community colleges and union affiliated training programs--committed to providing high quality education, training and employment services to unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers. Site includes research publications and data.
  • New York Landmarks Conservancy
    The Landmarks Conservancy is a nationally recognized organization which helps owners of older buildings by providing grants, low-interest loans, hands-on consulting services, workshops, and publications. In neighborhoods throughout the City and State, we preserve homes, businesses, social service centers, cultural institutions, schools, houses of worship, and tourist destinations. The Conservancy's programs serve as models in cities across the country.
  • New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG)
    NYPIRG is New York State's largest research and advocacy non-profit organization primarily focused on environmental preservation, consumer protection, government reform and public health issues.
    • Straphangers Campaign
      An advocate for safe, comfortable, reliable and affordable subways and buses in New York City. Their reports and profiles are usually the only reported data about the operation of NYC's public transportation system.
  • New York Urban League
  • New Yorkers for Parks
  • Partnership for New York City
  • Pratt Center for Community Development
    The Pratt Center for Community Development works for a more just, equitable, and sustainable city for all New Yorkers, by empowering communities to plan for and realize their futures. As part of Pratt Institute, the Center leverages professional skills - especially planning, architecture and public policy - to support community-based organizations in their efforts to improve neighborhood quality of life, attack the causes of poverty and inequality, and advance sustainable development.
  • Preserve & Protect
    A not-for-profit corporation providing space on the World Wide Web for historic preservation and environmental protection organizations in New York.
  • Regional Plan Association
    The nation's oldest regional planning organization, Regional Plan Association has worked since 1929 to improve the quality of life in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metropolitan area by creating long-term plans and promoting their implementation across political boundaries. On the basis of professional research, the Association recommends policy improvements, fosters cooperation among various government and private organizations, and involves the public in considering and shaping its own future. RPA's areas of research include land use planning, transportation, economic development, the environment, governance and social policy.
  • TenantNet Forum: Online Resource for Residential Tenants
    Unofficial, online versions of some NYC publications, such as the New York City Zoning Handbook and the New York City Housing Vacancy Surveys; and a directory of tenant organizations in NYC.
  • United Hospital Fund
    The United Hospital Fund, founded in 1879, is a not-for-profit health services research and philanthropic organization that addresses critical issues affecting health care in New York City. The mission of the Fund is to address critical issues affecting voluntary hospitals and health care. 
  • United Way of New York City
    The United Way is the largest private funder of health and human services in New York City. It also publishes a number of studies and reports, some in partnership with the NYC Human Resources Administration.
  • Van Alen Institute: Projects to Improve the Public Realm