New York City Government Information: Demographics & People

Community Districts

Community District Needs. Annual.
New York, N.Y. : The Department, 1983-
Call Number: HT 168 .N3
Online versions:

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  • NYC Community Data Portal
    For each Community District, the district profile and latest district needs; projects & proposals, including City Planning Commission reports, and the land use report; and data resources, including profiles from the American Community Survey, land use maps, My Neighborhood Statistics, and more.


New York City: A City of Neighborhoods (2010)
A map of NYC showing each of the 59 Community Districts and basic data about the City. An  interactive version of the map allows you to view the various neighborhoods in the City, and links to data for each Community District.

Special Populations

Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)


The Newest New Yorkers 2000
Uses Census information and other federal and local data to take a detailed look at the origins, spatial settlement, and other characteristics of the foreign-born population in New York City and in the larger metropolitan region.

Department of Homeless Services

Human Resources Administration

  • District Resource Statement. Annual.
    New York, N.Y. : Human Resources Administration, 1985-1996/97.
    HV 87 .N5 D4.. - Social Work Separate volumes published for each borough.
    Last publication in 1996/97; see other publications for current information.
  • HRA Facts
    Monthly caseload information for HRA programs, comparative figures for previous years, and current welfare and Medicaid expenditures
  • HRA Statistics
    Includes Public Assistance reports, JobStat reports, and Trend reports (family assistance, food stamps, AIDS services, home care, Medicaid, job placements, safety net).