Environmental and Energy Policy: EBooks

Environmental Politics and Energy

EBook Collections at Columbia University

The following list is a good place to start for e-books. The databases tab will provide resources for scholarly articles. 

University Press Collections: 


  • How come the book I want isn't available as an Ebook? 
    • Publishers don't create all books as ebooks. Furthermore, sometimes publishers only produce ebooks for individual purchase--like an Amazon Kindle ebook. You can request the librarian purchase an ebook version of a book using this form, but please understand we cannot control if it is available or not. 
  • Are Ebooks downloadable? 
    • Some ebooks are and others aren't. This is a feature enabled by a publisher and author. If you cannot download the text, it means you must read the text in the platform. 
  • Can I read ebooks on my phone? 
    • Some ebooks are available for mobil reading using SimplyE. If a book has a SimplyE option, you will see it in the CLIO record. 
    • It's worth asking the librarian if there is an ebook you use for class available for the SimplyE platform. We can't always do it, but we will try!