Journalism Research Guide: Data

Data Sources & Sets

Open Data

  • NYCOpenData: New York City's public data depository.
  • Catalog of over 256,089 datasets.

Population Data

  • American Community Survey: nationwide survey conducted for the purpose of producing a socio-demographic description of the population. The survey is conducted on a continuous basis with reports being released annually.
  • Current Population Survey: primary source of labor force statistics for the population of the United States
  • Decennial Census: official determination of the number of people living in the United States. Conducted every ten years.

GIS/GeoSpatial Data

Data Citations

Cite data to give the data producer proper credit and to enable readers of your work to access the data, for their own use, or to replicate your results. Whether citing data, or expecting others to cite your data make sure that the following elements are provided:

  • Creators
  • Date: year of publication rather than collection or coverage
  • Title
  • Version or edition
  • Publisher, data center or repository
  • Identifier and/or permanent URL

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