Capital IQ Research Guide: EMBA and MBA Students

Capital IQ Terms of Use

1.  Access  to Capital IQ is for academic and/or job search purposes only.  Any other use, is a violation of our license and puts the access for all Business School affiliartes in jeopardy.
2. Please do not use Capital IQ when you are at work or at your internship even if you are using Capital IQ to complete coursework.  When use from such sites is observed, we cannot determine if this use is for academic purposes or for commercial reasons.  Avoiding the use of your account when you are at work or at your internship eliminates confusion and keeps your account from being deactivated.
Capital IQ regularly monitors account acclivity and will deactivate accounts with commercial IP ranges.
3. Please do not share your password or account information with anyone! This is a violation of our license and if such activity is detected your account will be deactivated. 
4. Your account will be active until your expected graduation date, if you have logged in at least once during the current semester. 

EMBA and MBA Students


  1. In order to access Capital IQ, EMBA and MBA students must currently be enrolled. 
  2. If you are not enrolled in classes over the summer your account will be suspended until the start of Fall Semester.
    (This is per our license with Capital IQ)


How to Access Web Version of Capital IQ

Your log in is not through the Capital IQ website.