Capital IQ Research Guide: Business School Alumni (Job Seekers)

Capital IQ Terms of Use

1.  Access  to Capital IQ is for academic and/or job search purposes only.  Any other use, is a violation of our license and puts the access for all Business School affiliartes in jeopardy.
2. Please do not share your password or account information with anyone! This is a violation of our license and if such activity is detected your account will be deactivated.
3.  Alumni accounts are granted on a month to month basis only.
An extension for alumni accounts is at the discretion of Capital IQ, therefore this is not a guaranteed service. 

Requesting or Extending a Capital IQ Account

Per our agreement with Capital IQ, we request Alumni accounts on Mondays.  Please complete the form at the following link to request or extend access to a Capital IQ account:

Account requests or extensions can take about a week an half to process.  Therefore allow enough time for your account to be processed.

How to Access Web Version of Capital IQ

Your log in is not through the Capital IQ website.