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Welcome to the library resource guide for Capital IQ!

Capital IQThis guide gives an overview of Capital IQ, which is only available to current Columbia Business School students, faculty, staff for academic or job purposes.  Use the tabs on the left to navigate through different sections of this guide.

If you are not a Business School affiliate , but are currently affiliated with Columbia University, you can visit the Business and Economics Library where it can be accessed at 5 stations and/or one station in Lehman Library.  If you have problems locating  these machines, please ask at the service desk at either location.

What is Capital IQ?

Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ is a single source for a powerful array of financial data, analytics and research. Our web-based platform combines deep information on companies, markets and people worldwide with robust tools for analysis, idea generation and workflow management.

Use for...

Typical Questions

  • How do I find details about joint ventures?
  • Where can I find specific details of mergers and acquisitions such at spinoff or LBO's?
  • How do I find Stanford Business School Alumni who work in the Investment Banking field?
  • I am preparing for an interview. Where can I find Information about competitors, transaction history affiliations, and key people & their backgrounds?