Bloomberg Help Guide: Basic commands

Getting started with Bloomberg

Overview Basic Commands


MAIN <GO> Menus for market sectors, customer support and more

TOP <GO> Display today’s top business and general news headlines

READ <GO> Most read news stories

N <GO> The Main News menu

LAST <GO> Will review the last 8 functions used.

MA <GO> Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Analysis

FLY <GO> Flight Schedules

JOBS <GO> Bloomberg career center

PEOP <GO> People Search

ANR<G0> Analyst recommendation 

Navigation main function

Yellow Market Sector Keys

<CMDTY>: Commodities, futures, options, spot rates

<CORP>: Corporate Debt

<CRNCY>: Spots, futures, options, forex on over 100 currencies

<EQUITY>: ADRs, mutual funds, rights, stocks, options, warrants

<GOVT>: Worldwide sovereign and agency securities

<INDEX>: Global equity indices, economic indices

<LAW>: Legal, regulatory and compliance information

<M-MKT>: Continuously issued and short-term dated paper

<MTGE>: Mortgage markets instruments

<MUNI>: U.S. municipality issued debt

Green Action Keys

ENTER/GO: Activates all commands

MENU: Go back one level

PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN: Navigate between pages

Tip: Use the Cancel key (Red Key) to start over

Company data

Finding an equity and the other financial data: 

For Company Overview type: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> <GO> example: IBM Equity (hit enter or green go key)

For an Equity Enter: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> GM <GO>

For Company Description type : Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> DES <GO>

For Company Filings type : Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> CF <GO>

For Earnings & Estimates type :  Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> EE <GO>

Company Analysis: 

For Financial Analysis type:   Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> FA <GO> example: IBM Equity FA

For Ownership Summary type: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> OWN <GO> 

For Drivers type: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> DRIV <GO> 

For a Price/Earnings Ratio Table Ticker Symbol type:  <EQUITY> HE <GO> 

Tip: For definitions and information on calculations in a company's financial statement, hit the <HELP> key, then click on "Definitions"

For Historical Prices type:  Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> HP <GO> 

For a Historical Price Graph with Volume type:  Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> GP <GO> 

Finding Options

For Option Monitor type: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> OMON <GO>  (This will provide all current and future Calls and Puts for the equity.)

 Comparative Total Return Analysis
Compares the return of a selected security to its benchmark index and industry group (if available) or to two other selected securities and indices:  
type: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> COMP <GO>

For an Index Enter: Index Symbol <INDEX> TRA <GO>

Historical Beta Enter: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> BETA

Analyst Recommendations Enter: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> ANR <GO>

Company News Enter: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> CN <GO>


Finding Corporate Bonds

Search by Issuer: Ticker Symbol <CORP> <GO> (This will list all bonds issued by the equity. Choose a specific bond for more information.)

To search for specific bond:

<SRCH> <GO> or Ticker Symbol Coupon Rate Maturity <CORP> <GO>

Example: IBM 5.4 01/26/09 <CORP> <GO>

Finding Government Bonds

Enter:  WB <GO> for a listing of benchmark government bonds around the world

To find US Treasury Bonds directly enter:

CT10 <GOVT> <GO> for the 10 year bond or CT5 <GOVT> <GO> for the 5 year (This formula can be used for any US benchmark bond)

To find the 3 month T-Bill enter:   CB3 <GOVT> <GO>

For US Generic Bonds enter:

USGG5YR <INDEX> <GO> for the 5 year or USGG10YR <INDEX> <GO> (This formula can be used for any US generic bond)

Other commands

Exchange Rates

For Exchange Rates by region enter: <CRNCY> TKC <GO>

For World Currency Rates enter: <CRNCY> WCR <GO>

Spot and Forward Rates

For Spot and Forward Rates enter: <CRNCY> FRD <GO>

Using the Graphing Function

Enter: G <GO> then choose 1 <GO> to create a new graph. Follow instructions to set-up a graph.


League Tables [for Equity or Bond deals]

Enter: LEAG <GO> then choose the appropriate League Table

M&A Analysis type: MA <GO>

Yield Curves Analysis type: YCRV <GO>

Fair Market Curve Indicies type: FMCI <GO>

Forward Curve Analysis type: FWCV <GO>