Bloomberg Help Guide: Getting Help

Getting started with Bloomberg

Bloomberg help by Business Librarian and through One-on-One Support via Bloomberg

Workshopt and one on one training

Watson Library offers Bloomberg training and workshop to students and faculty. See 'workshop & Drop-in Help' page for training sessions during the semester.

For individual or group training, send an email to

Support via Bloomberg

Customer Help: Bloomberg also offers help in retrieving data or any functional help.  Contact Bloomberg's customer support specialists via email through the Bloomberg terminal.:

After logging into the terminal, hit the HELP (or F1) key twice. An email form will appear, type your question and click on the 'send'.  The email will create a reference number for future communication on the same topic. Make sure to cc yourself to see their response via email.

The Bloomberg specialists usually respond within 1-2 business days. For previous communication from their specialists type HDSK and hit green 'GO' key.

Context Sensitive Help: Hitting  'HELP' key on any screen will give additional information about that particular topic. 



How to use the Bloomberg terminal

BPS : type BPS (Bloomberg Professional Services) command and hit the green <GO> key to see the complete help document.

DOCS: type DOCS and hit 'GO' key to search for documentation.

For an overview of the Bloomberg terminal 

Getting started on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Beginner's Guide to the Bloomberg Terminal (Investopedia)

Advanced Guide to the Bloomberg Terminal (Investopedia)

Bloomberg  Functionality Cheat Sheet

Excel API and BQL Documentation:

  • In Excel's main menu bar, click on "Bloomberg" and then "Help" to see API support materials.
  • In the Excel ribbon, click "BQL Builder". 
  • In the terminal software, use the DAPI command to view all API support materials and the BQLX command to view all Bloomberg Query Language support materials.