Marketing and Advertising: Demographic

This guide gives an overview of the resources available to Columbia students and faculty for research in market research and advertising

Consumer Data in E-books

RKMA market research handbook series.

Consumer Behavior

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Part 1 The American Consumer: Demographic Overview
Part 2 Shopping Behaviors: Competition Between Shopping Channels
Part 3 Behavioral Analysis: At Home. Away from Home
Part 4 Affluent Consumers: Luxury and Affluent Markets
Part 5 Customer Brand Preferences: Brand Attraction
Part 6 Ethnic Focus: African-American Consumers
Part 7 Gender Focus: Female Consumers/ Male Consumers
Part 8 Generational Focus: Generational Comparisons
Part 9 Segmentation: College Students
Part 10 Geodemographics: Megapolitan Regions
Part 11 Communities: Americans' Views on their Communities

Census Data

Find social, economic, & other data using products like the Decennial Census & the ACS. Access options include: