University Writing S1010: Film/Television Resources

Film Resources

  • Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text
    Covers journal and magazine titles for film and television reviews, scholarly and critical analysis of cinema and television, and articles of popular interest about film and television.
  • Screen Studies Collection
    A comprehensive survey of current publications related to film scholarship alongside detailed and expansive filmographies. This collection includes the specialist index FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Database and the detailed and complementary filmographies created by the American Film Institute and the British Film Institute; AFI Catalog and Film Index International.
  • International Dictionary of Films & Filmmakers
    Provides coverage of films and filmmakers, including legendary films, actors and actresses, directors, writers, and other production artists. Entries include detailed essays written by experts; biographies; filmographies; comprehensive credits; major awards; and updated bibliographies, as well as photographs.
  • Film Language Glossary
    Provides definitions and multimedia examples of essential terms used in basic and advanced film courses representing the major categories of film studies from practical and technical terminologyto historical terms and the language of criticism and theory.
  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
    Covers more than 100,000 movies and contains over a million and half filmography listings for actors, producers, directors, and others associated with film making. It also includes reviews and awards.

Streaming Video Sources