Basic Guide to Research on Africa: Journals

Selected Journals

  • Aethiopica: international journal of Ethiopian studies. (Wiesbaden) (BUTLER Stacks)
  • Africa. (London) (BUTLER)
  • Africa confidential. (London) (LEHMAN)
  • Africa development Afrique et développement. (Dakar) (LEHMAN)
  • Africa insight. (Pretoria) (LEHMAN)
  • Africa mining intelligence. (Paris)
  • Africa policy journal.  2012-  Harvard U. student-run publication. (Cambridge, Mass.)
  • Africa renewal. 2004- United Nations publication. (New York)
  • Africa review of books. 2004- (Dakar, Senegal; Oran, Algeria)
  • Africa today. (Bloomington, IN) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • African affairs. (London) (LEHMAN)
  • African archaeological review. 1983 to present available online (Cambridge, UK) via SpringerLink
    -- 1983-2008 in print (BUTLER stacks)
  • African arts. (Los Angeles) (FINE ARTS)
    See also:
  • African book publishing record, The.  (Oxford) (BUTLER)
  • African business. (London) (BUSINESS)
    See also:
  • African crop science journal. 1993 to present available online (Kampala) via Bioline international
  • African development review = Revue africaine de développement. 1997 to present (Abidjan ; Oxford) --via Wiley-Blackwell
    See also: 1996-2005 in print, Business Collection, Lehman Library
  • African diaspora archaeology newsletter. 2005- (Urbana, Illinois)
  • African energy A Cross-border Information publication. (London, UK)
  • African historical review. 2007- (Pretoria) Supercedes: Kleio. (BUTLER)
  • African journal on conflict resolution. 1999- (Durban, South Africa)
  • African journal of ecology. (London, UK; Nairobi, Kenya)
  • African journal of environmental assessment and management. (Tampa, Florida; Cairo, Egypt)
  • African journal of history and culture. 2009- (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • African journal of legal studies. 2005- (Terrace, British Columbia, Canada) via HeinOnline Law
  • African journal of political science. (Harare) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • views and analyses from the African continent. 2009-2012. (Pretoria/Tshwane)  Ceased
  • African renaissance. (London) (BUTLER)
  • African research & documentation. 1973- (Birmingham & London) (BUTLER)
    See also:
  • African security review. (Pretoria) --via Taylor & Francis
  • African sociological review. (Grahamstown) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • African studies. (Johannesburg) (BUTLER)
    See also:
  • African studies review. (Atlanta) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • Afrika focus, 1985 to present. (Gent, Belgium) (via Directory of Open Access Journals)
  • Afrika zamani. (Dakar) (BUTLER stacks only)
    See also:
  • Afrique contemporaine. (Paris) (LEHMAN) Résumés et les tables des matières, 2003- (via CAIRN.Info)
  • Afriques: débats, méthodes et terrains d'histoire. (Paris)  (via
  • Les Afriques: le journal de la finance africaine.: Articles sélectionnés (Genève)
  • Agenda: a journal about women and gender. (Durban) (BUTLER)
  • Annales d'Éthiopie. (Paris) (BUTLER Stacks: 2000-)
    See also:
  • ASA news (New Brunswick, NJ) 2012 to present
    See also: 2004 to 2009, via Black Studies Center
    Plus, 1981-2006 in print (LEHMAN stacks)
  • AU monitor. (Oxford, UK)
  • The Australasian review of African studies. 1979- (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Azania. (Nairobi) (BUTLER)
  • Billets d'Afrique et d'ailleurs. (Paris)
  • Black renaissance/Renaissance noire. (Bloomington) (BUTLER)
  • Bulletin de l'APAD. (Association euro-africaine pour l'anthropologie du changement social et du développement) (Leiden; Marseille)
  • Business Africa (London)
  • Cahiers d'études africaines. (Paris) (BUTLER)
  • Canadian journal of African studies. (Montreal) (LEHMAN)
  • Chimurenga. (Cape Town) (BUTLER)
  • Chimurenga chronic. 2013-  (Cape Town)
  • CODESRIA Bulletin. 2001- (Dakar) (LEHMAN)
  • Concerned African Scholars Bulletin. (Association of Concerned Africa Scholars) (East Lansing, MI) (LEHMAN)
  • Contemporary journal of African studies. 2013- (Legon, Ghana) --via SA ePublications (South Africa)
  • Critical African studies.. 2009- (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Current writing. (Durban, South Africa) (BUTLER)
  • East African medical journal. (Nairobi) (HEALTH SCIENCES)
  • Eastern Africa social science research review. (Addis Ababa) (LEHMAN)
  • Electronic journal of Africana bibliography. (Iowa City)
  • Electronic journal of information systems in developing countries. (Hong Kong; Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Ecquid Novi : African journalism studies. (Madison & Stellenbosch)
  • Eritrean studies review. (Lawrenceville, NJ) (LEHMAN)
  • Ethiopian journal of health development. (Addis Ababa)
  • Ethiopiques: revue negro-africaine de littérature et de philosophie. (Dakar)
    (BUTLER Stacks: 2010- ; African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler: 1975-2009)
  • Feminist Africa.. 2002- (Cape Town)
  • Focus on Africa: BBC magazine. 1990-2012. Ceased in 2012. (London) (LEHMAN Stacks only)
  • French colonial history 2002- (Ottawa, Canada) via Project Muse
  • Ghana studies. (Madison, Wis.) (BUTLER)
  • Glendora review. 1995-2004. (Lagos, Nigeria) via African e-Journals Project, Michigan State University (USA)
  • Haramata.: bulletin of the drylands. (London)
  • History in Africa. (Waltham, MA) (BUTLER stacks only)
    --See also: 2005 to present online via Project Muse
  • Horn of Africa. (Summit, NJ) (LEHMAN)
  • Horn of Africa bulletin. 2007 to present (Uppsala, Sweden)
    --See also: 1991-2006 in print, Lehman Library Stacks
  • Indian Ocean newsletter. (Paris)
  • International journal of African historical studies. (Boston) (BUTLER)
  • Islamic Africa. 2010- (Evanston, IL) via INGENTA and JSTOR
  • Irìnkèrindò: a journal of African migration. (New York)
  • Jeune afrique. (Paris) (LEHMAN)
    2006 to present ; 2000-2006 ; 1990-1999; or earlier in print
    -- See also: the web site Jeune afrique: excerpts from since 2003
  • Journal des africanistes. (Paris) (BUTLER)
    For tables of contents, book reviews, & full-text--2005 and earlier, see: Persée
  • Journal of African cinemas. (Bristol, UK)
  • Journal of African economies. (Oxford) (BUSINESS)
    See also:
  • Journal of African elections (Johannesburg)
  • Journal of African history. (Cambridge) (BUTLER: 1960-2006 only, LEHMAN: 1960-1999 only; BARNARD.)
    See also:
  • Journal of African law. (Oxford) (LAW)
  • Journal of contemporary African studies. (Pretoria) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • Journal of eastern African research & development. (Nairobi) (LEHMAN)
  • Journal of eastern African studies. 2007 to present available online (Nairobi)
  • Journal of modern African studies. (London) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • Journal of religion in Africa. (Leiden) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • Journal of social development in Africa. (Harare) (LEHMAN)
  • Journal of southern African studies. (Cambridge, UK) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • Journal of West African history. 2015-- (East Lansing, Michigan) -- via JSTOR
  • Journal of West African languages. 1964 to present. (Ibadan; Benin City, Nigeria)
  • Kleio: Bulletin of the Department of History, University of Pretoria. 1976-2006. (Pretoria) (BUTLER Stacks)
  • Kwani? (Nairobi) (BUTLER Stacks)
  • Law in Africa = Recht in Afrika = Droit en Afrique. (Cologne) (LAW)
  • Leadership. (Johannesburg) (LEHMAN)
  • Liberian studies journal. (Hamilton, New York) (LEHMAN)
    See the cumulative online index (1968-1996) for this journal at the home page of the Liberian Studies Association.
  • Lusotopie: enjeux contemporains dans les espaces lusophones. (Paris) (LEHMAN)
    See also: 2005 to 2009
  • Malaria journal. (London, UK) via BioMed Central
  • Mande studies. (Madison, Wis.) (BUTLER)
  • Market intelligence. (Nairobi) (BUSINESS)
  • Medrek: the newsletter of the Forum for Social Studies. FSS Bulletin. (Addis Ababa) (LEHMAN)
  • Monde diplomatique, Le. (Online), 2006 to present online via Le Monde diplomatique
  • New African. (London) (BUSINESS)
    See also:
  • New contrast. (Cape Town) (BUTLER)
  • Nordic journal of African studies. 1992- (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Orita: Ibadan journal of religious studies. (Ibadan) (LEHMAN)
  • OSSREA newsletter. (Addis Ababa) (LEHMAN)
  • Pambazuka news: weekly forum for social justice in Africa. (Cape Town)
  • Philosophia africana. (Chicago) (BUTLER)
    See also:
  • Politique africaine. (Paris) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • Présence africaine. (Paris) (BUTLER)
  • Psychopathologie africaine: sciences sociales et psychiatrie en Afrique. (Dakar) (BUTLER)
  • Research in African literatures. (Bloomington, IN) (BUTLER)
    See also:
  • Research review. 1965-2012. (Legon, Accra, Ghana) (LEHMAN) Ceased
  • Review of African political economy. (Sheffield, UK) (LEHMAN)
    See also:
  • Revue noire. (Paris) (FINE ARTS)
  • Rural and urban African studies. (East Lansing, MI) (LEHMAN) (Since 1994, replacing "Rural Africana" and "African urban studies")
  • Safere: Southern African feminist review. (Harare) (BUTLER Stacks)
  • Safundi: the journal of South African and American studies. (Nashville)
    See also:
  • SAVVY : art.contemporary.african. (Berlin) 2010-
  • Slavery & abolition. (London, UK) (BUTLER)
    See also:
  • Social dynamics. (Rondebosch, Cape Town) (LEHMAN)
    See also: 1997 to present via Taylor & Francis
  • South African historical journal. (Bloemfontein) (BUTLER)
  • South African journal of international affairs. (Johannesburg) (LEHMAN)
  • Southern African humanities, 2000 to present available online. (Pietermaritzburg) via SAePublications
  • Think Africa press. 2011- (London, UK)
  • Transition. (New York ; Kampala, Uganda) (BUTLER)
    See also:
  • Transafrican journal of history. (Nairobi) (LEHMAN)
  • Transformation: critical perspectives on southern Africa. (Durban) (LEHMAN)
  • Wasafiri. (London) (BUTLER)
  • Online Journal Services

  • African e-Journals Project (Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan)
    The full text archive of 11 African journals, and a searchable directory of African e-journals--with links to websites. Includes: African Journal of Political Science, Glendora, Journal of Social Development in Africa, Transformation, Zambezia, and others
    See also: E-Journal Directory.

  • African Journals OnLine (AJOL) (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, Oxford, UK)
    "African Journals OnLine (AJOL) is an online service to provide access to African-published research, and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship. AJOL is a Non Profit Organisation based in South Africa."

  • AnthroSource. -- Berkeley, California: University of California Press [in partnership with the American Anthropological Association], 2004-
    A searchable database providing access to the full texts (via AnthroSource or a link to JSTOR) of all of the journals and bulletins of the American Anthropological Association since the 1880s.

  • Bioline International Publications: Abstracts, Full Texts for Selected Journals, and Subscriptions (Centro Referência Informação Ambiental, Brazil ; Electronic Publishing Trust for Development, UK.)
    A selection of African medical, crop science, insect science, and/or general science journals, plus numerous others from outside of Africa, can be accessed online. There are also links to technical reports and newsletters. NOTE: To view online or receive full texts, paid registration is required. There are journals from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa.

  • Black Studies Center (ProQuest Information & Learning, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
    Combines three resources: Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, International Index of Black Periodicals (IIBP)---with back issues of major journals in full text, and The Chicago Defender.

  • Electronic Journals and Newspapers on Africa, (Columbia University Libraries).

  • JSTOR: the scholarly journal archive
    (New York)
    ---Select "Advanced Search" -and-
    "African Studies" filter

  • Persée: portail de revues scientifiques en sciences humaines et sociales. ([Paris]: Aliacom;
    Lyon: Université Lumière Lyon 2, pour le Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche, 2004-)

  • Sabinet Reference -- Open Access South African Journals in Social Sciences and Sciences (Sabinet, Centurion, South Africa)