Marketing and Advertising: Demographic

This guide gives an overview of the resources available to Columbia students and faculty for research in market research and advertising

Consumer Data in E-books

RKMA market research handbook series.

Consumer Behavior

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Part 1 The American Consumer: Demographic Overview
Part 2 Shopping Behaviors: Competition Between Shopping Channels
Part 3 Behavioral Analysis: At Home. Away from Home
Part 4 Affluent Consumers: Luxury and Affluent Markets
Part 5 Customer Brand Preferences: Brand Attraction
Part 6 Ethnic Focus: African-American Consumers
Part 7 Gender Focus: Female Consumers/ Male Consumers
Part 8 Generational Focus: Generational Comparisons
Part 9 Segmentation: College Students
Part 10 Geodemographics: Megapolitan Regions
Part 11 Communities: Americans' Views on their Communities

Census Data

Find social, economic, & other data using products like the Decennial Census & the ACS. Access options include:


SimplyAnalytics (formerly SimplyMap) is a web-based mapping application to create professional quality, interactive thematic maps and reports using thousands of U.S. demographic, business, and marketing variables. Select, sort, and compare data across multiple geographic locations and create custom reports exportable to spreadsheets.