Zulu Language and Culture Acquisitions at Columbia: Related Works in English--Art, Film, Literature, Literary Criticism, Music, and Video

Related Works in English--Zulu Arts, Literature, & Literary Criticism

Music & Video

  • Austin, Chris and Jeremy Marre. (dirs.) Rhythm of resistance : the Black music of South Africa.  Videorecording. Harcourt Films ; produced by Jeremy Marre. [Newton, NJ]: Shanachie, c1988.  VHS format. [Originally produced in 1979.]
  • Ballantine, Christopher John. Marabi nights : jazz, 'race' and society in early apartheid South African. [New ed.] Scottsville, South Africa : University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2012. (247 p.; 1 sound disc.)
    --See also: 1993 ed. (with cassette)
  • Burlin, Natalie Curtis. (ed.) Songs and tales from the dark continent, recorded from the singing and the sayings of C. Kamba Simango ... and Madikane Čele. New York, Boston, G. Schirmer [c1920] (170 p.) [Musical score & lyrics in Zulu (South Africa) & Ndau (Mozambique).]
  • Colenso Abafana Benkokhelo, composer. Afrique du sud : polyphonies zulù = South Africa : Zulu polyphony. Electronic resource. Paris : Buda, [1997?] (via Alexander Street Press.) Program notes in French and English; traditional Zulu songs for a cappella male vocal ensemble.]
  • Dargie, David. Zulu bow songs. [Sound recording]. Fort Hare: Dave Dargie [distributor], 2003. (39 p. booklet & 3 sound discs.)
  • Dube, John Langalibalele. A Zulu song book. [Facsimile reprint of "Amagama Abantu," with modernized version edited, translated, and transcribed by David Rycroft.]  Colin Webb Natal and Zululand series; no. 7. Durban: Killie Campbell Africana Library; Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press, 1996. (1 close score, 88 p.)  [Zulu & English]
  • Erlmann, Veit. African stars : studies in Black South African performance. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1991. ( 214 p.)
  • Erlmann, Veit. Music, modernity, and the global imagination : South Africa and the West. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999. (312 p.) [A history of black South African choirs, including Ladysmith Black Mambazo in 1980s & 1990s]
    --See also: Oxford e-book and ACLS e-book
  • Erlmann, Veit. Nightsong: performance, power, and practice in South Africa. Chicago studies in ethnomusicology. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1996. (446 p.)
  • Faure, William C. (dir.) Shaka Zulu. Videorecording. Presented by Harmony Gold Inc. ; produced by Ed Harper ; written by Joshua Sinclair ; director of photography, Alec Mills ; editors, Steve Sandrock, Anthony Shaw ; music composed and conducted by Dave Pollecutt ; production designer, Hans Nel. New York : A & E Television Networks : Distributed by New Video, 2002. (4 discs, 500 minutes in length, DVD) [Originally released in 1986 on television in the United States.]
  • Gatti, Attilio and Prof. Lidio Cipriani. Siliva the Zulu  Videorecording. Vancouver, B.C.: Villon Films, [2001?]. (62 min.; VHS format) [Silent film from 1927, with "archival footage" & English subtitles, about Zulu warrior's coming of age and marriage.]
  • Keita, Chérif. (dir.) Oberlin-Inanda : the life and times of John L. Dube.  Videorecording. Mogoya Productions presents a Chérif Keïta production ; written by Chérif Keïta in collaboration with Paul Hager and Mweze Ngangura. Johannesburg: Film Resource Unit, 2004. (55 minutes in length, DVD, PAL) [Biography of John Langalibalele Dube (1871-1946) pioneer educator, journalist, musician, churchman and politician who co-founded the African National Congress in 1912 and served as its first President until 1917.]
  • Kunene, Mazisi. Mazisi Kunene. [Vancouver, B.C., Canada] : Villon Films, [2010?]. Videorecording. (75 minutes in length, DVD)
    [In this interview held in Los Angeles, Mazisi Kunene talks about the television mini-series "Shaka Zulu" and its view of the Zulu people; the importance of symbolism in film and politics; the role of film in the anti-apartheid movement; and the idea of imperialism.]
  • Langa, Percy. (dir.) Ubambo Lwami. Videorecording. [Produced for] South African Broadcasting Corporation. Auckland Park [Johannesburg, South Africa] : SABC, [2005?] (345 minutes in length, 3 discs, DVD-PAL Region 2) [In Zulu, with English subtitles; collected episodes of a South African television drama series.]
  • Lilley, Andrew. The musical artistry of Bheki Mseleku. Cape Town, South Africa : African Minds, 2020.(247 p.)
    --See also: Open Acess E-book ; EBSCO and Project Muse e-books
  • Meintjes, Louise. Dust of the Zulu : Ngoma aesthetics after Apartheid. Durham : Duke University Press, 2017. (338 p.)
  • Meintjes, Louise. Sound of Africa! : making music Zulu in a South African studio. Durham : Duke University Press, 2003. (335 p.)
    --See also: E-book
  • Titus, Barbara. Hearing maskanda : musical epistemologies in South Africa. E-book. New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2021. (281 p.)
  • Traditional Zulu music : songs of King Shaka. Sound recording. East Grinstead, West Sussex, England : Arc Records, 2011. (1 sound disc.) [ Amagugu Akwazulu, a group of the older members of a choir from Nongoma in Zululand, and Abalendeli Bengoma, a group of traditional male singers from the mining region of Thokoza...songs of praise, war cries, hunting songs, celebration songs, and traditional songs, all dating back to the early Zulu kings.]
    --See also: Online audio, 59 minutes ; via Alexander Street.
  • Van de Coolwijk, Robert. (dir.) Getting lucky = Thola inhlanhla. Videorecording. Jumbo Films presents ; sound by Neil Thain and Tony Bensusan ; edited by Oliver Dore ; director of photography, Vincent G. Cox ; produced by Debi Nethersole ; written and directed by Robert van de Coolwijk; music by Richard Siluma, and Lucky Dube for Gallo ; music engineer, Ian Osrin. Johannesburg, South Africa : distributed by Impact Video, 2009. (82 minutes in length; DVD-PAL Region 2) [English & Zulu; originally released in 1984, based on musical artist Lucky Dube's life story.]
  • Zondi, Nompumelelo Bernadette. Bahlabelelelani : why do they sing? : gender and power in contemporary women's songs. Pietermaritzberg, South Africa : University of KwaZulu Natal Press, 2020.