PhD Candidates in Business and Economics: Space

Useful resources for PhD candiates in Business and Econmics

Group Study Room

There are 34 state-of-the-art study rooms in the Watson Library to enable CBS students to reserve study rooms for group collaboration and class projects. CBS students can use the online room scheduling system to reserve rooms for group sessions in advance. All of the study rooms, with a capacity of up to 6 participants each, are equipped with data jacks, power outlets, a display monitor, whiteboard, and a phone.

Watson Library Space

As one of the most popular libraries on campus, Watson Library provides a combination of space for social conversation, quiet study, and group study. For more details, please go to Business Library Floor Plan

Check out the study spaces page for details on the different study spaces available throughout the Libraries!

Talk Zones

In addition to the first and second floor of Watson Library, check out the study spaace in these libraries:


                                   Butler Library                                   Lehman Library                 Science & Engineering Library                 Social Work Library