Barnard: Research Methods/Religion Lab: Writing & Revising Your Work

A guide to help with your final paper for the Religion Lab course.

Tips for Revising Your Paper

Revisions at the macro level--overall structure and flow of argument, evidence to support argument, addressing counter arguments, etc.

Revisions at the micro level--grammar, spelling, placement and format of topic sentences within paragraphs, etc.

Revision is an iterative process; each draft or revision leads to a better end product.

Research is a communal process--you find your voice within the research community, you respond to other voices, other voices respond to you.

Importance of ethics in research--representing the work of others fairly; expectation that your work will be represented fairly; giving and receiving constructive feedback; access and copyright issues.

Future Exercise: Use Murray's book (see below) to "interview" a draft of your paper (pp. 222-226).


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