HIST W4604: Jews and the City: Secondary Sources on Jews and the CIty

Guide to research for the Columbia course: JEWS AND THE CITY: An Introduction to Jewish Urban History, 1815-1960


There are many different resources to use for research on Jews in cities.  Primary sources are the original materials written by or about the Jews in the times that they lived.  Secondary sources are works written later, usually based on primary sources, to describe the situation of these Jews.  The "Basic Resources" tab describes resources that can be used for doing any research in Jewish Studies, including this course.  "Primary Sources" describes original materials that can be used to understand the Jew in the city.  This tab will describe some secondary sources to provide context for Jews in the various cities described in this course.

The secondary sources described below are only suggestions for various topics.  Searching in CLIO, or a citation database like RAMBI, for books or articles related to your specific topic will result in direct sources relevant to your paper.  The Librarian for Jewish Studies is available for research consultations as needed via email, phone, or in-person meetings.

Digital Resources

Secondary Sources: US cities

Secondary Sources: London

Secondary Sources: Eastern Europe

Secondary Sources: Multiple Cities