French Proseminar: Digitized Materials and Online Resources

Digitized Materials- Subscription Databases

  • ARTFL- the largest online collection of digitized French resources; from the University of Chicago. Includes
    • La Bibliothèque Bleue de Troyes
    • The Montaigne Project
    • French Women Writers
    • Provençal Poetry
    • Théâtre classique
    • several other collections...
  • L'Affaire Dreyfus, son influence dans la cré́ation de la France moderne Comprising over 1,000 volumes, the collection contains all the well-known Dreyfus publications, such as Zola's 1898 newspaper article "J'accuse," as well as rarely seen archival materials. Documents from many different countries and all sides of the controversy reflect the depth and breadth of attention the Dreyfus Affair generated at the turn of the 19th century.
  • Caribbean Literature Searchable collection of poetry and fiction produced in the region during the 19th and 20th centuries. Among the titles selected are numerous rare and hard-to-find works written in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and various Creole languages.
  • Corpus de la littérature médiévale des origines au 15e siècle- includes more than 900 full text documents from the Middle Ages, including chansons de geste, poetry, theater and religious texts.
  • Early European Books Online- Diverse array of printed sources from the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. Books drawn from major national European libraries, including the BnF.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) Provides full-text and full-page-image access to a vast range of English-language and foreign-language titles printed in the UK between 1701 and 1800, along with thousands of important works from the Americas. Includes books, pamphlets, broadsides, and ephemera.
  • Electronic Enlightenment Searchable and browseable database offering extensive access to the web of correspondence between the greatest thinkers and writers of the long eighteenth century and their families and friends, bankers and booksellers, patrons and publishers. Coverage includes letters and documents, document sources such as manuscripts and early printed editions, scholarly annotations, and links to biographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, and other online resources.
  • La France pendant la guerre 1939-1945: résistance et journaux de Vichy Providing perspectives from both the Vichy government and the resistance movement, this unique collection constitutes the sum of the French press that actually reached Britain during the Occupation of 1940-44. It is the record of what was known by the British about the hearts and minds of the French people at the most dramatic period of their shared history.
  • Grand corpus des dictionnaires du 9e au 20e siècle Includes the most important dictionaries of the French language, representing over 900,000 entries and their definitions.
  • Le grand Robert de la langue française
  • Indochina, France, and the Viet Minh War, 1945-1954: records of the U.S. State Department. Part 1, 1945-1949 Comprising records of the State Department's Central Classified Files, this collection contains records relating to the internal affairs of Indochina, during the period 1945-49. The records include instructions sent to and correspondence received by the State Department; the State Department's internal documentation, as well as correspondence between the Department and other federal departments and agencies, Congress, and private individuals and organizations; telegrams, airgrams, instructions, inquiries, studies, memoranda, situation reports, translations, special reports, plans, and official and unofficial correspondence.
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) Includes several relevant collections of primary sources: European Literature 1790-1840; Mapping the world: maps and travel literature; Europe and Africa: commerce, christianity, civilization and conquest; Women: transnational networks; etc.
  • RetroNews The official news site of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, offers 400 titles of the French press published from 1631 to 1950 plus editorial contents highlighting press archives and advanced research tools.
  • Théâtre du grand siècle Théâtre du grand siècle contains some eighty plays from the 17th century by Corneille, Molière, and Racine, including Corneille's Cinna, Racine's Bajazet, and Molière's Femmes savantes.

Online Resources

  • French and Francophone Studies at the Library of Congress
  • CRL's Foreign Newspapers database
    The Center for Research Libraries has provided this searchable database for users to determine which foreign newspapers they hold. Columbia is a member of CRL and newspapers can be borrowed by eligible patrons through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. dLOC provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean cultural, historical and research materials currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections.
  • Femmes Ecrivains et littérature africaine francophone Offers author lists and some biographies, bibliographies, interviews, etc.
  • Gallica Gallica is a digital library of French and francophone culture maintained by the Bibliothèque nationale de France. Contains numerous electronic texts, images, maps, animation, and sound files of French and other publications in history, literature, science, philosophy, law, economics, and political science.
  • ABU L'accès libre au texte intégral d'oeuvres du domaine public francophone sur Internet depuis 1993.
  • LIMAG, littératures du Maghreb
  • Reseau francophone numérique
  • Ressources Internet Francophones Hosted by Lehman College; excellent information about upcoming conferences, Francophone resources, news, and regional resources.
  • ClicNet ClicNet publie des ressources virtuelles en français pour les étudiants, les enseignants de français langue étrangère (FLE) ou langue seconde (FLS), et tous ceux qui s'intéressent aux cultures, aux arts et aux littératures francophones.
  • Voltaire electronique Based upon the Voltaire Foundation Oxford edition of the Complete works of Voltaire. It includes all of Voltaire's literary works. Texts which have not yet been published in the Complete works are drawn either from the original sources or from the ninteenth-century Moland edition of Voltaire's works.
  • Diderot's encyclopedie The ARTFL Encyclopédie database contains 21.7 million words, 254,000 unique forms, 18,000 pages of text, 17 volumes of articles, and 11 volumes of plate legends.
  • EuroDocs: History of France (Primary Documents) Open access primary sources; this very thorough (and free) database is maintained by Richard Hacken at BYU. All of Europe is included on the site.
  • Reseau France Outre-Mer


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