News & Newspapers from Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal, and Spain: Strategies for Locating Sources

Using Newspapers for Research

The type of research you are doing greatly influences your approach when working with newspapers. Are you researching current events or a historical event? You may need to consult a variety of formats: online website of a single paper, a library-subscribed database with hundreds of sources, sets of microfilm, or simply flip through a newspaper in print. Ask your librarian for the best approach and how to find appropriate sources. 

Che Guevara reading the newspaper (1961)

Strategies for Locating News Sources

Search by "Journal Title" in CLIO: Catalog. Once you have a results list, use the facets on the left side of the screen to limit by format to "Microformat.

Limit your search to "Serial Publications" and, under "Subtype Limits," select "Microform." change the "ANY FORMATS" to MICROFORM. If your title is a common word (Nación) add a city or country name as a keyword in your search.

  1. In the search box, enter: [country name] - newspapers.
  2. Select "Subject" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Hit "Search." For example, search: Argentina Newspapers.