Insurance Management Research Guide: Business Information

Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports provide information about customer/market segments, customer demographics, customer behavior, customer trend analysis, and market sizing. For more resources, see the full Marketing and Advertising Research Guide.

Financial/Company Information

Company information includes financials, executive information, corporate events and earnings calls, annual reports, and stock price information. Most sources of company information are focused on public companies, although it is sometimes possible to find information about private companies. For more resources, please see our full Company Information Research Guide.

Demographic Data

Industry Research

Industry research includes information about key players and competitors, opportunities for growth, challenges, and trends in a given business type. For more industry research resources, see our Industry Research Guide.


Find academic, news, and trade publication articles in these article search databases. For tips on how to search using Boolean operators, please see the "Searching the Libraries" tab of this guide.

Business Data