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Real Estate Record
The Real Estate Record is a weekly report of building activity in New York City and its environs. This website contains fully digitized volumes, ranging from Volume 1 (published in 1868) to Volume 110 (published in 1922).

Sanborn building & property atlas of Brooklyn, New York.
Avery Reserves AA9127 N4B7 Sa532 F , current edition
Avery AA9127 N4B7 Sa532 F , all other editions

Sanborn landbook, the Bronx, New York.
Avery Reserves AA9127 N4B8 Sa55 FF , current edition
Avery AA9127 N4B8 Sa55 FF all other editions

Sanborn Manhattan land book of the City of New York.
Avery Reserves AA9127 N4 Sa535 FFcurrent edition
Avery AA9127 N4 Sa535 FF , all other editions