GIS and Spatial Data: New York City and State

New York City

NYC Open Data : Clearinghouse for data from all New York City agencies.  Much of this data in this collection is already in GIS friendly formats. 

BYTES of the Big Apple : Portal for the geographic datasets provided by the NYC Planning Department.  Includes tax lots (Mappluto), various boundaries and facilities, and official street centerline (LION) files. 

  • LION - Direct download of street centerline files with street and borough code address geolocators included : Map based data hub for housing and neighborhood resources from NYU Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. 

NYPL Map Division

  • NYPL Map Warper : A tool for online map georectifing.  You can also browse and download maps that have already been georeferenced (export options include GeoTIFF, PNG and KML formats as well as WMS and tile server links).
  • Digital Gallery : Digital collections include a wide-array of scanned maps. 

GeoData@Columbia : A wide variety of NYC specific datasets and maps can be found in our own collections.

New York State

GIS.NY.GOV - Spatial data clearinghouse for all state and county agencies. NOTE: much of this disparate collection is password protected and may require an appointment with DSSC staff for access. Contact us at

New York State Open Data - Data depot for NYS agencies, some of the data is GIS ready.

Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository (CUGIR) - CUGIR is an active online data and metadata repository and a participating node in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure program.