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Welcome Entrepreneurs!

Whether you're new to commercialization or an experienced entrepreneur, this guide is a quick and easy way to access the most useful resources at The Columbia University Libraries, including market research, patents, and information on financing and business plans.  To save yourself time and frustration, it's important to think about the information you need before starting your research on a new project or business. 

Note: As a result of the cross-disciplinary nature of entrepreneurship, the resources highlighted include scholarly and business trade resources, as well as  reputable free sources of information (such as government agencies, competitors, and industry associations).


Use the tabs to the left to navigate this research guide's resources.  If you have questions about these resources, or about your research in general, please get in with touch the Business Library Team @ business@library.columbia.edu.   We would love to hear about your ventures!

For information about startups and entrepreneurship resources/centers at  Columbia University, consult "CU Entrepreneurship" tab.

Entrepreneurship & Startup Jargon

Wondering why entrepreneurs are referred to as "Coffee Shop Nomads" in the Tech Industry/Silicon Valley?  Hint:  It involves Starbucks. 

As any other area, the easiest way to understand, is to dive into and understand commonly used phrases.  As a result, these crowd-sourced links - created by people working in the industry (not lexicographers) - are a handy guide to learn about startups.  Although there is some humor to many of these links, they give insight into the industry.