East Asian Studies Research Guide: Other Formats

Dissertations, Archives, and more

While books and journal articles most likely will form the core of the information sources for your research projects, there are many other resources that will be helpful, and might be crucial to complete your information needs.

Finding Dissertations

Dissertations offer in-depth research into subjects about which not much information may be found in books and journal articles (yet).

Finding Archives

Archives offer a wealth of primary source material that is by definition unique.

Special Collections

Libraries do not just collect books and other printed materials. We also own substantial collections of materials in many other formats, many of them quite rare. In Starr Library's special collections you can find such things as woodblock prints and posters, but also such non-paper-based materials as Chinese oracle bones and Japanese fox statues. We are actively working on cataloging these collections for easier discovery.

To study such material, as well as our rare books and archives, you will need to visit our Rare Book, Special Collections, and Archives Reading Room. To find out more about rare book room use please have a look at this webpage.